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The Sun is in Leo

The Sun is in Leo now until August 22.

We should celebrate our existence, let our true self shine, and release our inner child. It’s also time to cultivate passions and talents!

We will see 2 full moons in Leo: 1 tonight (July 23) and one on the last day of it’s reign. Tonight is an ideal time to break free from all the junk that has piled up. This full moon might also help us be innovative with solving problems.

Watch out for: jealousy, pride, and egocentrism! The community we live in is just as important as the individual self.

Pay attention to your: solar plexus, or naval chakra for the next month! If you are lacking confidence, experiencing digestive issues, or feeling stagnant or unable to express yourself, your manipura may be blocked.

Unblock the energy by wearing yellow clothes, eating yellow foods, or trying any of these intentions, the oil blend, or yoga pose described below:

Try setting one of these intentions:

I am the star of my own story

I am full of courage and love

I am my inner child and it’s time to play

The perfect oil blend to try right now:

To increase energy and get those creative juices flowing:

2 drops Lemon

1 drop Peppermint

3 drops Frankincense

1 drop Rosemary

Click the image to explore Therapeutic Grade oils

Asana of the Month: Boat Pose

Begin seated with your knees bent.

Place your hands behind your knees, lift your chest, engage your core (not just your abs, your back, too!), and tilt back, balancing on your buttocks.

Keep your face soft and breath evenly.

Stay here for 5-10 rounds of breath, or for an added challenge, bring your arms parallel to the floor and straighten your legs.

In any variation, be cautious of your low spine and avoid rounding.

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